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Chuck once had a very nasty accident with a back-up hard drive and whole lot of critical data. So now he backs up his data online. That has the added bonus of allowing him to access his data wherever he is in the world — and Chuck gets around. And he can synchronise it across machines.

Why Online Data Backup is Essential for Every Business

February 25, 2010

Do you think online data backup is a luxury? Think again. Would you leave the door to your house unlocked when you go out? What about your car. Would you park that and leave the door open? No, of course you wouldn’t. Yet thousands of businesses and individuals do the equivalent with their data.

By failing to implement a consistent, secure, methodical backup strategy, you risk losing all your data.

On-site Backup isn’t Enough

Don’t think that because you have a regular backup to an external hard dive, DVD disc, or even tape, that your data is secure. If the backup is stored on site, it’s just as vulnerable to fire, flood, or a lightning strike.

Your backup strategy must include offsite backup, and the simplest most affordable way to do that is online data backup.

By failing to implement a consistent, secure backup strategy, you risk losing all your data.

It works like this, you sign-up for an account with a company like Carbonite or Mozy, install their software, configure it in about three minutes, and then forget about it. The first online data backup will take a little while because it’s copying a large amount of data over your broadband internet connection. But you’ll barely notice. The software has been designed to be unobtrusive and consume as few system resources as possible. And after the first backup, each subsequent backup is incremental, meaning that it only copies files that have altered since the last backup. In most cases that will take only a few minutes.

Make sure you try out two or three services before choosing one.

Both Carbonite and Mozy, and most of their competitors, offer free versions of their service or a free trial which allows you to test out the service and see if it works for you. You may want to try out two or three different online data backup services, say Carbonite, Mozy, and iDrive to find out which works best for you. All three have versions for both Mac and Windows.

So there you have it, no excuse whatsoever for failing to keep an offsite backup.

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